The Latest News From Inspire.

After a lot of thought I have decided that as we are only able to offer on line classes we will only be offering online memberships. Monthly membership will cost just $60 for our clients, present and future. If however you have a class pkg you can still use it. 

You can purchase yours on line on your Wellness Living App. Or email us and we can do that for you.

I will cancel all monthly payments as of 9/10/2020

Our Zoom schedule is as follows

Monday 9.30am with Claire            Monday 6pm with Colleen

Tuesday 9.30am with Jaki               Tuesday 4pm with Claire    

Wednesday 9.30am with Claire        Wednesday 6pm with Jaki

Thursday 9.30am with Jaki              

Friday 9.30am with Colleen.

Saturday 9.30am with Jaki              Sunday 9.30am with Ali

Please either email us at or contact us through the Wellness Living App.

We have all heard about the health benefits of yoga. Not just as a way to workout but for strengthening and toning muscles, to increase flexibility and to reduce stress. Having a yoga practice is great, whether that's in a gym, a fitness center or even at home using videos, however the experience at a yoga studio is totally different. We have instructors who have years of experience, who will watch and support you through a safe and appropriate practice. We have a fabulous community who will warmly welcome you from day one. We have a beautiful space with ample parking and easy access, Manduka mats and props for your practice, just bring yourself and a smile.

Why choose Inspire?

We had a dream!

A dream of a place to grow, start or grow your practice, grow friendships, grow community. We built a team of experienced, skilled, supportive and knowledgeable instructors who give and receive pure joy in teaching yoga, seeing growth, nurturing a strong committed practice. Sharing the feeling of home we feel on our mats, and growing that feeling beyond, into community.

YOGA, because punching people is frowned upon!


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